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WA Tweaker

WA Tweaker v1.4.3

Enable WhatsApp's hidden features and much more with the integrated Xposed Module.
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  • A smartphone with Android 4.0.3 or newer
  • Root permissions*
  • The Xposed Framework (only if you want to use privacy and customizations tweaks)**
  • The latest WhatsApp BETA from the Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • An internet connection
* WhatsApp DOESN'T support custom ROMs and phones with root permissions so if you root your phone you WON'T receive ANY KIND of support in case of problems with your account from WhatsApp.
** Installing the xposed framework can damage your phone, use it with caution. Also keep in mind that the xposed framework triggers SafetyNet (except on Android Oreo and Pie using EdXposed for the moment), many applications may not work properly (eg banking apps).

Features overview

Enable all hidden features

Enable the new features of WhatsApp before anyone else!
Just open the app, choose the hidden features available and restart WhatsApp.
Easy and fast.

Get more privacy on WhatsApp

  • Freeze last seen
  • Disable read receipts
  • Disable delivery reports
  • Disable typing indicator
  • Disable recording indicator
  • Anti recall messages
  • Lock WhatsApp with a code

More settings

  • Disable big emojis
  • Save contacts Status
  • Increase Status quality
  • Increase group description length
  • Increase media size limit
  • Unlimited groups participants
  • Chat with non-address book contacts
  • Recall all messages without time limit
  • And much more...


  • Hide tabs
  • Hide archived chats
  • Change UI font
  • Change toolbar color
  • Change status bar color
  • Change a lot of elements color
  • Replace emojis
  • And much more...


Developed by Alex193a